SOTO System for Online Training and Research


SOTO is a tool to take questionnaires and cognitive tests on the Internet and is created in-house by Instrumentation Engineering. It is suited for conducting studies on large pools of participants without any intervention of a supervisor. For participants it’s possible to stay completely anonymous.


The studies are fully modular and therefore questionnaires and cognitive tests can be exchanged easily. They can be reused in later longitudinal sessions (follow-ups). Even complete sessions can be placed in between or removed. In order to reduce dropouts when multiple sessions are required, participants will be notified automatically by either email or sms(text) messages whenever it’s time to complete the next session.


Using the accompanied maintenance tool, the researcher can monitor the progress of the participants and, if needed, make small adjustments on the fly. A comprehensible interface shows how many participants are currently still active in the study, and how many have concluded it in the past. Especially in the case of multiple conditions (e.g. an experimental versus a control condition) this can be of major importance. It’s also possible to conduct multiple studies simultaneously. Researchers can retrieve the data from their studies in a format that is suited for both SPSS and Excel, amongst others.


The online studies are fundamentally usable on every computer (pc, mac), tablet or smartphone, provided a stable Internet connection is present. Additionally they are usually independent of the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) used by the subjects. However, some specific cognitive tests could apply some restrictions to this.


Demo questionnaire

Demo visuospatial memory task

Demo Letterspan memory task

Demo Backdigit memory task

Demo Datamonitoring

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