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Virtual reality, real emotions: a novel analogue for the assessment of risk factors of post-traumatic stress disorder
(Pauline Dibbets and Michel A. Schulte-Ostermann)

Neurofeedback As a Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder – A Pilot Study
(Frenk Peeters, Mare Oehlen, Jacco Ronner, Jim van Os, Richel Lousberg)

Ambulant Cognitive Assessment Using a Smartphone
(Corrie Timmers, Anne Maeghs, Michiel Vestjens, Charlie Bonnemayer, Huub Hamers, Arjan Blokland)

Validation of a neurofeedback paradigm: Manipulating frontal EEG alpha-activity and its impact on mood
(Frenk Peeters, Jacco Ronner, Lonneke Bodar, Jim van Os, Richel Lousberg)

"HET GROOT NATIONAAL STRESS ONDERZOEK" - The influence of daily stress and stress sensitivity on attention and memory
(Anke Sambeth, Aimee Capello, Charlie Bonnemayer, Michiel Vestjens, Silke Conen)

Object recognition testing: Methodological considerations on exploration and discrimination measures
(Sven Akkerman, Arjan Blokland, Olga Reneerkens, Nick P. van Goethem, Eva Bollen, Hieronymus J.M. Gijselaers, Cindy K.J. Lieben, Harry W.M. Steinbusch, Jos Prickaerts)

Automated scoring of novel object recognition in rats
(K. Ruttena, O.A.H. Reneerkens, H. Hamers, A. S¸ ık, I.S. McGregor, J. Prickaerts, A. Blokland)

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