Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering is a department of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University.

Research labs

Answering specific research questions IE designs and builds dedicated research facilities including operational lifespan and safeguarding activities.

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Virtual Reality

During a Virtual Reality experiment the participant is able to move through, and have interaction with, a virtual, 3-dimensional world.

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SOTO is a tool to take questionnaires and cognitive tests on the Internet and is created in-house by IE.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps provide a platform for in-situ, intensive long-term and large-scale experiments where easily accessible and intuitive user interaction is required.

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Serious Gaming

A Serious Game is a (video)game with a different goal than pure entertainment. In our case this goal is research and/or education.

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Experimental designs

Experimental designs are built to execute a wide range of behavioral, psychological and physiological experiments.

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MR compatible hardware

At Instrumentation Engineering we build custom hardware for the prototype 7T and 9.4T MRI scanners.

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